A Sales funnel – “sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase.” – infusion Soft

Simple speaking a Sales funnel is the most important part of any Marketing plan. (For A free book detailing sales funnels from beginner to advanced please see below.)

Pro tip: When planning out your Sales funnel use a flowchart software such as Draw.io

Pre-Planning; Design your Customer Avatar

Ask yourself the right questions to design your ideal customer.

1. Who is your ideal customer/

2. What do they do for a living?

3. When are they active with you?

4. Where do they congregate?

5.  Why do they need/want your product or service?

Step 1 : Attract

This is the beginning of a funnel. You need to find a way to attract a large group of people that is interested in your product or service. Such as setting up an offer for them to claim.

Easy: Paid Ads

Utilizing advertising on Sites Such as Facebook or Google.

Pro Tip: To get a lower cost per click on Facebook, you need to own the traffic source. Meaning utilize your email lists and Traffic data from Facebook Pixel.

Recommended:  Social media groups (Facebook Groups, Instagram DM groups, LinkedIn Groups)

Join or create a Group that is in the industry that you serve (ie Clickfunnels Facebook group for Digital marketers)

Step 2: Qualify

Now its time to cut down this list into the “Right” Customer for you (Idea customer Avatar). Someone who can wants/needs your product or service and can afford it.

You can Qualify people by sending them questions to answer in a multitude of ways.

You can create a landing page that ask essential questions, utilize a scripted chatbot, etc.

Pro tip:  Some marketers prefer to do this during their email sequence, but I prefer not to waste my email sequence or SMS sequence on this.

Step 3: Add to List

This is where you add them to a list or database THAT YOU OWN. Ideally a CRM. This will, be your hub for interacting with them now and in the future.

Step 4: Deliver

This can be where you start your email sequence by first setting an appointment or delivering the initial offer you set in the attract stategy.

Pro tip; Pease Please Please Don’t forget to deliver on what you offered them in the initial attract section.

Step 5: Upsells

Now that they are a part of your database/ list you can follow up with them after they received you item to offer a complementary product or service for an additional fee.

This is the money maker.

Bonus Step Referral:

Sales 101; people buy from who they know. I take this a step further by incentivizing the referral process by offering something as little as a $25 Amazon gift card to previous customers if  they refer us to family and friends.

Turn 1 paying customer into 10 $$$$.

Now You are all set With starting your first sales funnel. Please see the additional resources below if you would like more details into this process.

Free copy of Dotcom Secrets book for sales funnels: http://bit.ly/dotcomsecs

My YouTube Video Detailing the process: http://bit.ly/salesfunnel12

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Givanne Nelson