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Frequently Asked Questions

Are apps extremely expensive?

Here at Le Pale Shadow, we create apps for the small businesses. With that in mind we set our prices at very competitive levels with the add in bonus of payment plans.

How will app maintenance be handle?

Thats the benefit of setting up a payment plan with us. For no additional cost we will help fix any issues on your app.

How Do we get new user on our app?

That’s the beauty of our business. We are a complete mobile marketing agency so, we will help create an app for you and market it to the masses.

Developers don’t communicate well with non-coding professionals.

This is exactly why we partner you with one of our UI/UX designers so that they will be your point person for the creation of your app. They will help you design it and show you how it works.

How will customer data be handled?

For this we offer 2 options :

  1. You can store data securely on our clod server
  2. For an additional cost we will set up a cloud server for your business.