Givanne Nelson is a Millennial Marketer from New York City who started a digital marketing agency, Le Pale Shadow LLC, and marketing automation company, Internet Bots NYC.

Givanne is on a mission to combine his two loves, marketing and programming, to create new industries for young entrepreneurs such as himself. Throughout his journey, he provides content to other future entrepreneurs that can learn to build new industries and grow their wealth.

“Le Pale Shadow LLC is my full-service Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in promoting non-invasive cosmetic treatments while Internet Bots NYC is my automation startup. It focuses on automating all forms of online activity. My idea is simply a combination of my two loves which are marketing and technology. Instead of having them separated from each other, I decided to use “The Blue Ocean Strategy” to bring them together. I want to bring my community along with me on this journey, so my personal goal is to educate other aspiring entrepreneurs on the benefits of entrepreneurship and how programming can help shape new industries.” – Givanne Nelson

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